You already knew that coaching was amazing, right?

Well now we have proof—actual scientific data—that demonstrates the quantitative value of Core Energy Coaching.

The data, gathered from about 30,000 people who took the ELI before and after working with a coach, shows some really powerful findings:

  • Core Energy Coaching decreased catabolic energy from 68% to 59% while under stress and increased anabolic energy from 32% to 41%
  • Clients experienced a statistically significant increase in ARL
  • And as you might expect, people reported higher levels of life satisfaction across the board, in 14 distinct areas, from financial success, to engagement at work, personal freedom, intimate relationships, and beyond


All the details are available in this newly published research paper by Lynn Waldorf, PhD, CPC.

Use this powerful research (in addition to your raving client successes) to showcase the life-changing and transformative value of the heartfelt work you do.

Have fun. Lead with passion. The research has your back 🙂

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