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Meet Juliana Faus

Corporate Years:

I started out my career working in the Financial Services industry and 4 degrees in Finance with a love for numbers and spreadsheets; once I began working as a human capital professional, I quickly learned my true passion and purpose is working with people.

During my 11+ year sprint at PwC, a prestigious firm that solely hires top talent, I had the opportunity to be surrounded by extremely ambitious, knowledgeable and intelligent employees. The experience was undoubtedly invaluable to my career and also one of my biggest challenges both personally and professionally.

I used what I then dubbed my “charisma chisel” to break through the exteriors of nearly 5,500 employees in order to mold them into their most successful, and most balanced selves.

It became my obsession. I took on every project possible, identifying gaps, designing and executing innovative strategies, and leading all aspects of performance management and deliverables. I lead training sessions, all-hands meetings, and was a frequent speaker at various seminars. I became addicted to seeing the results of my coaching.

The Turning Point:

There was only one problem, this addiction ultimately lead to sacrificing my own health and well-being. The obsession I had for consistent peak performance and results ultimately caused so much stress that at times I could barely recognize myself in the mirror.

In short, I wasn’t walking the talk.

I took some time to re-align with my purpose, and it was then I knew I had to move forward, take a deep breath, and start my own company applying the skills I had cultivated, utilized, and perfected over this decade-long sprint.

Coming from a place of clarity and alignment, as a fully recovered workaholic and perfectionist, On Purpose Talent was created.

Today and Onward:

My coaching philosophy is to honor my client’s agenda, process and progress. While I remain results-driven, I’m authentic, straightforward, and above all else, approachable. And I’m not afraid to use humor as weapon.

To facilitate change and greatness, it’s imperative to evoke a high-energy, vibrational frequency. And that’s what On Purpose Talent is all about.

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